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Upscaling the Integrated Production and Processing of Selected Estranged Oilseeds, Nigeria

Efugo Farms Limited (EFL), is an agro-industrial company producing various crop and livestock products, established in 1987 and based in Abuja, Nigeria. The company has focused in the production of edible oils (from groundnuts, soybeans, sesame) and non-edible oils (from castor beans, shea butter and neem seeds), responding to the high domestic demand for such products.

Having already established a modern processing plant, Efugo sought financial support for the acquisition of crucial processing machinery and the procurement of seeds from smallholder farmers.

In line with Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) financing, the CFC term loan provides Efugo with both the necessary working capital for its sourcing activities and the funds needed for its CAPEX expansion. In the lifecycle of this project, Efugo will engage with more than 20,000 smallholder farmers, while creating 110 additional processing jobs and providing a significant income source to about 500 youth/women engaged in the harvesting of neem seeds and shea nuts.

Submitting Institution

EFUGO Farms Nigeria Ltd.





Total Cost

USD 3,893,500

CFC Financing

USD 1,500,000

Counterpart Contribution

USD 2,393,000

Year of Implementation