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The CFC is inviting external consultants to support the organization with the development and implementation of CFCs new communication strategy. More details can be found on the Terms of Reference

Consultancy services on developing and implementing CFC’s communication strategy.

The CFC is continuously working to enhance its communication outreach. CFC´s social media channels and website are frequently updated with relevant information for its main stakeholders. Also, the CFC publishes a semestral Newsletter summarizing the main highlights from CFC operations and an Annual and Year-End Report circulated among its stakeholders.

The CFC intends not only to continue expanding its media presence, but to improve the effectives of its communication activities. For this reason, the Fund is looking to outsource the development and implementation of CFC’s new communication strategy.

As an intergovernmental financial institution focused on promoting the development of the commodity sector to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, the target audience of CFC’s publications necessarily includes:

  • representatives of CFC Member Countries seeking to know about the operations and impact of the CFC;
  • current and potential partners in the development community, official, non-profit and corporate sponsors of development activities in the areas related to the goals of the CFC, including impact investors;
  • current and potential project proponents;
  • development research and academic community;
  • United Nations system and the Impact Investment community.


The Consultant will be appointed to develop and implement a new communication strategy for the CFC, with the aim of achieving greater awareness and recognition of the work of the CFC among its main stakeholders.

Expected deliverables

The main deliverables expected from the Consultant are:

  1. Develop a new communication strategy for the CFC.
  2. Implement the new communication strategy.
  3. Formulation of processes to maintain and improve the communication strategy.

The Consultant shall review the current CFC’s communication activities and propose ways to improve it. The communication strategy should among others:

  • Update the Goals of CFC’s communication activities;
  • Specify agreed objectives of CFC’s communication activities;
  • Determine the target audience to be prioritized;
  • Identify relevant media channels and other activities and means to be used;
  • Develop effective implementation mechanisms within resource constraints of the CFC, including estimates of added workload and resources needed;
  • Develop a year-round schedule of media activities highlighting the importance of easing the commodity dependency trap.

Also, it is expected that the Consultant shall proceed to implement the new strategy, by among others:

  • Preparing relevant materials to be published in the different CFC communication channels (i.e. social media, Newsletter, Annual Report, website). This would include, among others:

o Impact stories about the projects supported by the CFC.

o Interview with relevant stakeholders (e.g. beneficiaries of the projects, entrepreneurs, representatives from Member States).

o Pieces on topics that might be of interest of CFC stakeholders (e.g. impact investing, gender equality, digitalisation, food security, climate action).

o Press Releases.

o Social media posts.

  • Guiding the preparation of CFC’s Newsletter.
  • Guiding the preparation of CFC’s Annual and Yearend Report.
  • Supporting the preparation of other media content, such as videos, posters, booklets, institutional presentations, leaflets, and other relevant communication materials.

To implement the strategy, the Consultant shall proactively communicate with CFC staff (Project Managers, Technical Assistants, Impact officer, Managing Director). The Consultant shall coordinate with the CFC regarding new proposals for content to be published and collect all information needed to prepare the content.

Terms of appointment

The appointment shall commence immediately upon signature of Special Services Agreement for the period of 6 months, with the possibility of extension.

During this period, it is expected that the consultant will

▪ Work a total of 30 (Thirty) hours to develop the communication strategy and status updates.

▪ Work a total of 30 (Thirty) hours per month to implement the communication strategy.

The Consultant will invoice the CFC for the work actually carried out on a monthly basis.

Application process

Interested applicants are invited to submit a proposal for implementing the above ToR, including:

▪ Up to date Curriculum Vitae of the applicant outlining prior engagements in similar assignments that qualify the applicant to implement this proposed assignment;

▪ Sample of relevant work, e.g. a copy of any article(s)/impact stories published by the applicant;

▪ Financial Proposal, including a breakdown of costs and specification of hourly consultancy fees.

Proposals should be sent electronically, in English, prior to 14 December 2021, to the following email address:

Terms of Reference

Posting Period:

30 November - 14 December 2021