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The modern world is built on commodities – from the food that keeps us alive to the oil that fuels our cars to the metals that power our smartphones. We rarely stop to consider where they have come from. But we should.  We invite you to peruse our annual report to make a difference in the lives of almost three billion smallholders who work so hard to make all those commodities available to us.

Gender lens impact investing: a catalyst for change in commodity value chains

The impact of voluntary sustainability standards on small-scale farmers in global commodity chains

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: benefits and threats for commodity-dependent developing countries

Building the pillars of an agricultural marketing system - The case of ACE, Malawi

The Sustainable Development Goals and Impact Measurement - – A CFC Journey

Understanding the dynamics of Circular Financial Flows in the Commodity Sector

Powering commodity value chains with sustainable energy

Health-food specialty products:

a promising market for farmers from developing countries?

Strategies and initiatives for security and development in the Sahel