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Governing Bodies

Governing Bodies

The governing bodies of the Fund are its Governing Council and the Executive Board. 
The Managing Director is the Chief Executive Officer of the Fund.
The Executive Board is advised by a Consultative Committee, composed of nine independent experts, on technical and economic aspects of projects submitted to the Fund.

The Governing Council meets once a year, and the Executive Board and Consultative Committee biannually.

Member States

The Common Fund for Commodities forms a partnership of 101 Member States plus 9 Institutional Members. Membership of the Fund is open to all States Members of the United Nations or any of its specialised agencies, or of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and intergovernmental organisations of regional economic integration which exercise competence in the fields of activity of the Fund. More....

Governing Council

The Governing Council consists of the representatives of CFC’s Member States. It meets annually, and is attended by Member States and Institutional Members, together with observers representing intergovernmental organizations. 

The Governing Council determines the policies and the main lines of work of the Organization. The official languages of the Governing Council shall be the official languages of the United Nations. More....


Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for overseeing the general operations of CFC and for approving its programme of work. Membership on the Executive Board is determined by the Governing Council. 

Executive board members serve a two-year term of office. More....