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Intensified Livelihoods Improvement and Environmental Conservation through Social Business Activities (Natural Fertilizer, Myanmar)

There are many distributors of chemical fertilisers in Myanmar, but only a few of them are engaged in the supply of natural and bio fertilisers. The Swanyee Group is active in selling organic agricultural inputs mainly to smallholder farmers in Myanmar. 

It has a research department that has been experimenting with the production of natural fertilisers, in the form of vermiculture. The core of the project is to expand the current levels of vermiculture-based liquid and compost fertilisers. The project aims to demonstrate that organic fertilisers can be offered at lower costs than chemical fertilisers with effective social, economic and environmental impact.

The development impact of the project is the reduction in fertiliser costs for farmers from USD 60/acre to below USD 50/acre.

Submitting Institution

Swanyee Group of Company


Myanmar (LDC)



Total Cost

USD 236,171

CFC Financing

USD 117,600 (Loan)

Counterpart Contribution

USD 118,571

Year of Implementation