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Commercial Farm, Uganda (Kapanua Project) – Asili Farms Ltd., Uganda

Asili Farms is a mechanised farming company that manages dual-season production of high-quality maize and soybeans for supply to regional food processors. Asili became operational in January 2014 and is farming under a conservation agriculture and precision farming approach to maximise yields. The ultimate strategic goal of Asili is to have commercial farming operations on around 6,500 ha. As part of the Agilis Partners Ltd. Holding, Asili Farms (AF) benefits from the guaranteed demand from the sister-company Joseph Initiative Limited (JI, also a borrower of a CFC loan), which is marketing Ugandan grains and pulses with extensive regional market access.


CFC resources are used to further expand commercial farm operations as well as to scale out Asili’s engagement in training small-scale farmers in commercial maize and soya production.


Submitting Institution

Asili Farms Masindi Ltd.


Uganda (LDC)



Total Cost

USD 3,361,229

CFC Financing

USD 1,200,000 

Counterpart Contribution

USD 2,161,229

Year of Implementation