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Acquisition of a processing plant for the aquaculture sector - Peru

ATISA, is a shrimp aquaculture company located in Tumbes area, North Peru, led by a female entrepreneur who co-founded the business with her husband in 1997. Specialised in breeding, production, and distribution of premium shrimps, ATISA farms produce shrimps for both local and international markets and are recognised through its own brand called COOL!. ATISA is the first Peruvian company that obtained the GLOBALG.A.P. Aquaculture certification in 2016.  

By investing in modern shrimp cultivation techniques and sustainable farming practices, the CFC supports ATISA’s ambition to introduce organic shrimps and compliance with new social and environmental aquaculture certification standards. ATISA also intends to expand into shrimp processing to increase its offering of peeled shrimps, a high value product with less volatile commodity prices than unprocessed whole or headed shrimps.  

Submitting Institution

Acuacultura Tecnica Integrada del Peru S.A. (ATISA)





Total Cost

USD 4,000,000

CFC Financing

USD 1,500,000 (Loan)


Acuacultura Tecnica Integrada del Peru S.A. (ATISA): USD 200,000


Owner: USD 1,850,000

Year of Implementation