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Accelerating Lending to Food & Agri sector in East Africa Supply Chain Financing

Factoring, as a form of supply chain finance, can play a critical role in injecting much needed short term liquidity in value chains. The demand for factoring services, which support producers and traders to scale activities, however remains largely unmet in many developing countries. Since 2015, FACTS has worked to counter this by servicing the factoring needs of SMEs in Kenya and Uganda. In 2018, the CFC and FACTS East Africa B.V. signed a USD 1,200,000 loan agreement to support and scale FACTS’ impact on agricultural value chain participants. FACTS continued service to its portfolio of clients through the COVID-19 pandemic with the backing of shareholders and creditors.

Submitting Institution

Financial Access Commerce and Trade Services (FACTS)


Kenya, Uganda (LDC)


Miscellaneous Commodities through Supply Chain

Total Cost

USD 7,000,000

CFC Financing

USD 1,200,000 (of which USD 200,000 by Dutch Trust Fund)

Counterpart Contribution

USD 10,300,000

Year of Implementation