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20240502 - Amb. Myanmar2

Myanmar would like CFC to invest more for smallholders

H.E. Mr. Soe Lynn Han, Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to the European Union, is seen with Managing Director Ambassador Sheikh Mohammed Belal at the Secretariat of the CFC. H.E. Mr. Soe Lynn Han came to visit CFC for the first time to know more about the activities of the CFC and its impact on the ground.

Accompanying His Excellency was Ms. Yu Za Na Khin Zaw, Second Secretary at the Embassy.

During their discussion, Ambassador Belal provided Ambassador Soe Lynn Han with an overview of the current and potential future initiatives of the CFC. In light of the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Ambassador Belal emphasized the importance of fostering stronger working relationships and partnerships with countries moving forward. He also underscored the significance of capacity-building initiatives beyond the conventional scope of the CFC's projects, drawing lessons from the pandemic.

Ambassador Soe Lynn Han emphasized Myanmar's significant agricultural potential during the discussion, highlighting the opportunity for substantial growth. He expressed the desire for increased CFC investment in Myanmar to support smallholders, enabling them to raise their incomes and alleviate poverty. Ambassador Soe appreciated the CFC's efforts in addressing the challenges faced by smallholders and SMEs (small and medium enterprises), acknowledging its role in mainstreaming their concerns.

Regarding the ongoing call for proposals by the CFC, Ambassador Belal encouraged Ambassador Soe Lynn Han to disseminate relevant information so that qualified SMEs/enterprises, both within and outside Myanmar, could submit high-quality projects for consideration by the CFC's Executive Board.

The dialogue between the two Ambassadors laid the groundwork for potential future collaboration. Ambassador Soe Lynn Han shared insightful proposals on how Myanmar and the CFC could deepen their partnership, enhancing their collective efforts towards sustainable development. The meeting concluded with mutual assurances of support and a commitment to follow up on necessary actions in the coming days.

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