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CFC Annual Report 2021

Were pleased to share our Annual Report 2021! This will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the activities of the Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) during the past year, including the Technical Assistance Facility.

Implementation of projects remained the main function of the CFC for the period under reporting.  This edition also includes a feature article on the role of smallholder farmers in the mitigation of climate change. Our role in supporting smallholders beyond commodity dependence is therefore highlighted, as we help them navigate pressing global challenges and build resilience.

Our Impact chapter presents you with an overview of the CFCs impact management practice, alongside with highlight figures. To illustrate our impact, three success stories are featured: Kennemer, an agribusiness in the cocoa sector from the Philippines with conservation and reforestation activities; Latin American coffee producer Mercon and its LIFT programme, which helps coffee growing communities prosper; and Shalem, a female-led agribusiness based in Kenya that has transitioned from a grain aggregator to an added-value manufacturer, empowering it to support farmers.

The year 2021 was an important one for the CFC in terms of achievements. It was marked by the highest disbursement amount since its reform in 2012, and this despite the COVID-19 related challenges. Also, the Commodity Impact Investing Facility (CIIF) was approved by the CFCs Governing Council in December 2021 this represents a historic moment for the organization and an opportunity to engage a larger network of impact investors with the development of the commodity sector.

We hope you will find this Annual Report to be both insightful and useful!



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