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Partnership with the Moringa Agroforestry Fund

The CFC provides equities to the Moringa Agroforestry Fund (Moringa) which seeks to invest agroforestry projects in Africa and Latin America. These projects are expected to commercially compete with deforestation drivers such as cattle ranching, crop farming and timber harvesting. At the same time, Moringa investments are required to have a demonstrable positive impact on the environment and the livelihoods of local populations, while generate a clear positive impact on local populations and the environment. Moringa investments are complemented through a Technical Assistance (TA) Facility managed by the CFC.

Through its investments, Moringa targets a total of 8,000 new jobs created with an income effect on 35,000 dependents. In addition, about 60,000 out-growers are expected to be associated to commercial investments of Moringa, with a development impact on 340,000 dependents.

Submitting Institution

Moringa Agroforestry Fund S.C.R.


Latin America/Africa



Total Cost (Target Fund Size)

Euro 100,000,000

CFC Financing

USD 1,349,613 (Equity)


Main other current investors: FMO, PROPARCO, Spanish Government (AECID) and Latin American Development Bank (CAF)

Year of Implementation