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Modern Processing & Value Chain Development for Prosopis Charcoal and Nutritious Animal Feeds, Kenya

In 2014, Start!e Ltd presented a proposal to turn the unwanted spread of the tree Prosopis Juliflora in Kenya’s semi-arid areas into an income opportunity for the affected communities by setting up value chains for sustainable charcoal animal feed from the Prosopis fruit pods.

The CFC supports the initiative with a USD 100,000 loan disbursed in December 2014. The investment aims to: (i) enhance the collection of Prosopis; (ii) improve the carbonisation process; (iii) build customer relationships with a few, higher volume consumers and wholesalers; (iv) improve logistics; and (v) increase fundraising.

Submitting Institution

Start!e Limited (Social Enterprise)





Total Cost

USD 214,000

CFC Financing

USD 100,000 (Zero interest loan, financed from the Dutch Trust Fund)


USD 15,000

Start!e Limited (Contribution)

USD 99,000

Year of Implementation