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Sustainability Policy of the CFC

Sustainability Policy

The purpose of CFCs Sustainability Policy is to convey CFCs commitment to sustainable development and Sustainable Development Goals as an integral part of its development mandate and impact management. By following this Policy, the CFC seeks to enhance the sustainability of the commodity value chains and related markets. The CFC is committed to ensure that the projects supported by the Fund properly manage their environmental and social impact, so the costs of economic development do not fall disproportionately on those who are poor or vulnerable, the environment is not degraded in the process, and that renewable natural resources are managed sustainably.

This Sustainability Policy works by increasing the predictability, transparency, and accountability of CFCs operations and helps projects to better manage their environmental and social risks and impacts, improve their performance, and achieve sustained positive development outcomes in the Member States of CFC.

This Policy guides the work of the CFC in achieving sustainable development impact from its operations supporting the Member Countries in the achievement of the SDGs. This Policy further provides the foundation of CFCs Social and Environmental Management System (SEMS) and provides guidance to CFCs internal processes in managing economic, social and environmental risks. The policy covers all activities and operations the CFC undertakes and supports, including, among others, direct and indirect financing of projects.

The Sustainability Policy of the CFC can be found here.

Exclusion List

The CFC establishes clear procedures to assure the investments made by Fund are complying with sustainability standards, including the core norms of the  social and environmental sustainability. The CFC Exclusion List reflects the types of projects that CFC does not finance.

The Exclusion List representing existing rules and regulations of the CFC can be found here.