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Commercial Meat Processing/Marketing in Lagos

ESOSA Investments Ltd. is a small-scale meat processor operating in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2015, the CFC provided a USD 120,000 loan to support ESOSA in (i) acquiring additional processing equipment, (ii) increasing its profit and product diversification by introducing a range of new snacks, pastries etc., and (iii) strengthening its local supply chains by providing 100 pig farmers with improved breeds and training in improved animal husbandry.

The intervention is expected to create new employment opportunities for about 500 farmhands while the Fulani nomadic cattle herdsmen are also expected to benefit from the advantages of an enhanced commercial beef production.

Submitting Institution

ESOSA Investments Ltd





Total Cost

USD 250,000

CFC Financing

USD 120,000 (Zero interest loan)

Year of Implementation