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Addressing Vulnerabilities of CDDCs to Achieve the SDGs

The project will focus on the preparation, presentation and discussion of technical reports on the impact of commodity related vulnerabilities on the efforts in achieving the SDGs. The studies for the reports will be organized by UNCTAD in commodity dependent developing countries selected to be representative of the typical challenges facing Commodity Dependent Developing Countries (CDDCs).

The objective of the studies will be to propose measures rebalancing global value chains in commodity markets, and come up with ideas that would further enhance the role of international organizations, CFC and International Commodity Bodies in assisting CDDCs to reduce vulnerabilities, and shake off their dependence on commodities. Another focus will be on adaptation of the commodity sector to climate change, mitigating climate related vulnerabilities of CDDCs. The outcome of the paper is to come up with evidence-based policies, strategies and actions to help CDDCs overcome those challenges.

UNCTAD has ample expertise in these matters, and will take advantage of its network of international experts to come up with relevant policy recommendations. The draft conclusions had been discussed at the 30th Anniversary of the CFC being held in December 2019. The outcomes so far feed into the debate and the recommendations in the coming global UNCTAD conference in 2020. It is intended to provide the basis for the outcomes to be discussed in UNCTAD XV on advancing the SDGs in commodity dependent developing countries.

The project aims to identify new potential opportunities for CDDCs, drawing on their existing comparative and competitive advantages and natural endowments. The project will contribute to the diversification of the export of the CDDCs, as well as to the creation of new employment and income opportunities.

Current status

The preliminary reviews of the baseline approaches to vulnerabilities have been reported at the 30th Anniversary of the CFC, the project is expected to roll out its expert studies in the course of 2020 aiming to present them at the quadrennial conference of UNCTAD in a special side event with the CFC.

As the project is undertaken at the time of COVID-19 pandemic, the project implementation plans are being updated by the CFC and UNCTAD to make sure that the outcomes serve the best strategic interests of the Member Countries.


Project overview CFC-2019-15-0003FT
Project type: Fast Track Organization: UNCTAD
Commodity: Cross Commodity CFC Financing: USD 120,000
Country: Land Locked Developing Countries (LLDCs) Least Developed Countries (LDCs) Cofinanciers:  
Form of finance: Grant Target Impact indicators:  
SDGs Impacted