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25th Call for Proposal

SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)/enterprises/ cooperatives are invited to apply for Impact Finance in the commodity sector.

Smallholder farmers in developing countries struggle to add value to what they produce. The SMEs, while sourcing from the smallholders, may address the gaps that smallholders experience in finance, knowledge and information and thereby localizing the development to alleviate poverty.

The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) invites applications for financial support from qualifying projects along the commodity value chains from SMEs/other businesses for alleviation of poverty. The CFC can offer a range of financial and technical instruments of support to meet specific needs of SMEs/enterprises, cooperatives, and institutions along the entire commodity value chain in its member countries.

Eligible projects are based in one of the 101 CFC Members Countries and intend to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by investing in commodity value chains. Successful applications will demonstrate clear and visible potential to achieve sustainable positive impact on the livelihoods of the poor people who depend on commodities. To speed up the process, applications backed up by sovereign and/or other guarantees are preferred.

All interested SMEs/enterprises/cooperatives/governments are kindly invited to submit qualifying proposals no later than 1 October 2024.



To contribute to poverty alleviation by strengthening the income-generating capacity of commodity producers and mitigating vulnerability to their economic well being.


To strengthen and diversify the commodity sector in developing countries and transform it to be a major contributor to poverty alleviation and sustained economic growth and development.


Making commodities work for everyone