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Bonde La Ufa

Bonde la Ufa B.V. (Bonde) is Africas first sustainable agribusiness investment company focused on providing climate solutions and food security, targeting net zero emissions overall. It aims to create shareholder value through opportunities in agribusiness by investing in low-greenhouse gas (GHG) foods such as poultry, aquaculture and plant protein production, while optimising production and processing to minimise GHGs, create jobs and improve climate change resilience. Its investment philosophy is to strategically invest in key and best-in-class companies in selected agricultural value chains in Africa, and then integrate those value chains through vertical and horizontal investments in additional businesses. Bonde is currently being set up by Mbuyu Capital, an investment management company with extensive experience in operating and investing into African agri-businesses.

Mbuyu Capital

As the demand for food and protein is increasing, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming and food insecurity are forecasted to become more severe. Bonde endeavors to tackle such problems by leveraging Africas agricultural potential to grow the production of low/no carbon protein, invest in insect protein production, circular agriculture, and increase yields and climate resilience of production process and farmers. The companys equity and debt investments will target agri-SMEs in Kenya, Malawi (LDC), Rwanda (LDC), Tanzania (LDC), Uganda (LDC), Zambia (LDC), with a secondary focus on Mozambique (LDC) and Ethiopia (LDC).

The CFC will help Bonde achieve its targets with a loan of up to USD 2,000,000. By the end of the CFCs investment period, Bondes portfolio investments are expected to increase incomes for 165,000 smallholder farmers, of which two-thirds would be women. Not only would these investments improve the agricultural practices on 26,000 ha of farmed land and support the production of 77,000 MT of agricultural produce, but they would also support the jobs of 927 full-time employees.

Current status

The project has been approved by the CFC's Executive Board

Project overview CFC-2021-18-0035
Project type: Regular project Organization: Mbuyu Capital Partners Ltd.
Commodity: N/A CFC Financing: USD 2,000,000
Country: Kenya; Rwanda; United Republic of Tanzania; Uganda; Malawi; Zambia Target co-financiers:
  • Mbuyu Capital Partners: USD 100,000 (commited)
  • UK person fund: USD 10,000,000
  • Other co-financiers: USD 87,900,000
Form of finance: Loan Target Impact indicators:
  • Beneficiaries covered: 165,000
  • Additional income per capita p.a.: USD 900
  • Land covered by improved agricultural practices: 26,000 ha
  • Female jobs supported: 214
  • Full-time employees supported: 927
SDGs Impacted