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Wild Species Arachis


Project completed in 2003

Additional Countries Involved: Bolivia and Paraguay


Greater availability of germplasm and further scientific work has increased awareness of the genetic value of wild arachis germplasm. The need for additional germplasm collection, germplasm multiplication with higher genetic integrity, thorough phytopathological screening and assessment of the ability to cross new accessions of relevant species and of species never studied before is now generally accepted. The project aims to preserve wild arachis and centres on activities related to germplasm collection and ex situ and in situ conservation, including characterisation and classification of the variability of the species from a taxonomic standpoint to biochemical, genetic and molecular levels. This will provide the best possible knowledge of the variability preserved, stimulating the multiplication and distribution of new accessions for breeding purposes. Project implementation took place in India, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Paraguay and Uruguay. The results of the project (including distribution of germplasm accessions which are not available elsewhere) will be made available on a world-wide basis. Preliminary agronomic evaluation of new species and the possibility of their inclusion in sustainable agricultural processes is also envisaged.