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Transfer of Technology in Bamboo Shoot Production, Processing and Marketing from China to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka (CFC/INBAR/04)


The goal of the project is to diversify bamboo industries in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka by introducing simple techniques of bamboo shoot production and processing and adopting international standards for bamboo shoots production and trade. The broad objective of the project is to develop diverse bamboo shoot industries, promote bamboo shoot production, processing and marketing for poverty alleviation and sustainable development. Specific objectives of the project include:

(a) selecting local and introducing foreign productive and palatable species/varieties, establishing pilot bamboo shoot plantations in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka; 

(b) setting up small scale bamboo shoot processing demonstration plants in Bangladesh and Sri Lanka;

(c) introducing international standards;

(d) training of personnel and transfer of technology for bamboo shoot production, processing and marketing to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka;

(e) developing and disseminating a model for transfer of technology in bamboo shoot production and processing.

New bamboo species were introduced from China to Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Training on bamboo propagation and tissue culture was given. The manual of bamboo shoots production was prepared, and the trial production in both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh had started and received good response from the markets. The final dissemination workshop was held in Colombo and project results were shared with participants from other countries. The project is operationally completed.