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South-South Initiative to Develop an Integrated Bamboo based-development Alternative in Latin America (CFC/INBAR/ 09)


This is a project sponsored by two ICBs including International Tropical Timber Organization (ITTO)



This project is a market driven initiative targeted for poverty reduction and designed to function effectively in a rapidly evolving market place. The project’s primary investment justification is based on strong market assessment of current and medium term competitiveness which shows that poor communities which grow bamboo in the region are in potentially strong competitive positions against other global producers. It will support Ecuadorian and Peruvian smallholders to produce bamboo efficiently and competitively in the market by training, field trials and agricultural development. The project will support businesses at all levels of the market chain by mobilizing start-ups, technology and management transfer, business services and information, international and domestic business facilitation, credit lines, trade fairs. Besides, it will support government at local and national levels to create Sector Enabling Environments for business and farmers through exchange visits, training of officials, support to national and local policy development.

The project is fully operational since April 2011 and is making satisfactory progress. Baseline data has been collected. Pilot sites for bamboo resources management practices were identified and trainings were provided. Meetings between bamboo producers and urban buyers were organized. Pilot sites for processing were identified in two countries and training covering different stages of the value chain were provided. One regional workshop was organized in April 2011 in Santa Elena, Ecuador to share major innovations of the new applications of the bamboo sector and make recommendations for bamboo development in the region.