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Small-scale Entrepreneurship Development in Diversified Jute Products (CFC/IJSG/18)


The project set out to demonstrate the application of new physico-chemical treatments for jute dyeing, bleaching and proofing and the integrated production of value-added jute blended products through small scale spinning and weaving employing small scale hand-looms and power-looms and manufacturing of home textiles. Entrepreneurship training has been provided through the setting up of Jute Entrepreneurship Service Centres and Raw Material Banks in both countries. Target trainees were un(der)employed women and jobless men who received training at different technical levels to enable them to set-up their own little home production units or to work together in self-help groups. Support was provided to facilitate loan provisions through local banks. The project has facilitated the training of some 2500 men and women who on average were able to ensure incomes at levels of US$ 500 – 1000 or more per year, depending on the time allocated to product making. The grant component was basically completed during the year, while a small support structure was maintained to provide guidance to the use of the loan funds into 2010.

Technical reports describing in detail activities/results obtained in Bangladesh and in India will be produced early in 2010. They will be accessible on the CFC web site.

Project information can also be obtained through the websites www.juteenterprise.in (India) and www.juteenterprisebd.com (Bangladesh).