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Rehabilitation of Coffee Farmers in the DR Congo (CFC/ICO/51)




The overall goal of the project is to revive the coffee sector in the DRC and reduce the rural poverty at the national level. From a more specific perspective, the project seeks to improve sustainable livelihoods of coffee producers affected and/or displaced by war in three Eastern provinces of DRC (Orientale, North Kivu, and South Kivu) thus contributing to supporting their economic integration in their communities of origin through coffee farming. The project will contribute to a broader commodity specific goal: the revival of the coffee sector in DRC as well as the sustainable reduction of rural poverty as stated in the national coffee sector strategy (2011-2015). The project will serve as a model for resettlement of persons displaced by war through providing a sustainable income base which will contribute to overall economic gains for the country at large.

The establishment of mother gardens and seed gardens in collaboration with national research institutions will allow for the production of improved planting material (high yield and disease resistant) which will be disseminated through a network of local nurseries. The involvement of well-trained coffee extension services (ONC) will ensure that local coffee farmers are supported in the adoption of good agricultural practices which will lead to an increase in productivity. The project will also support the creation of linkages between the various actors of the value chain so as to improve quality and marketing efficiency. This will result in improved coffee farm gate prices. Finally the sustainability of the project will be promoted by enhancing the coffee sector governance in the DRC through a multi-stakeholder process. 

The Project start was delayed due to logistical problems within the country but is now well underway.