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Regional Cashew Improvement Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (CFC/FIGTF/04)


The objective of this project was to raise the incomes and living standards of resource-poor farmers by enhancing cashew production and revamping the cashew industy, improving cashew value addition and marketing.

The project selected, released and promoted the most productive genotypes. Also vegetative propagation approaches were evaluated. Improved management practices were disseminated and rates of adoption assessed. The role of farmer groups in knowledge development was addressed, including a case study on the Teso Organic Cashew Farmers Organization in Uganda.

Various options for processing and marketing of cashew apple were identified, for example as food products (beverages, jams, candied fruit), as nutraceutical products (pectin), as animal feed or as material for compost, biogas production or ethanol production. Low-cost processing methods of cashew nuts have been developed or use at local level. Achievements are also presented by country.

Contact details Project Executing Agency

Naliendele Agricultural Research Institute, P.O. Box 509, Mtware, Tanzania.

Tel: +255 73 2934035

E-mail: utafiti@iwayafrica.com