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Preliminary Feasibility Evaluation for Utilization of Sisal Liquid Waste (juice) for the Production of Pesticides and Veterinary Drugs (CFC/FIGHF/30FT)


The project aimed to establish the provisional prospects of developing insecticides and biopesticides for use in animal husbandry and agricultural crop protection, initially in Brazil. Base material was expected to be found in sisal liquid waste, which is a mixture of sisal residues and water, remaining after fibre extraction. The study would address technical, economic as well as commercial aspects relevant to pilot and eventual future commercial operations. This will include operational and cost assessments of effective collection systems. Due attention was given to risks related to toxicity implications at a wider scale. Issues related to legislation in relation to the possible introduction of this type of products were to be addressed/assessed. 

The project was formally completed by mid 2012. A technical report has been produced by the PEA (without formal editing), conclusions are being presented from a range of studies addressing potentially challenging and promising uses of sisal waste for further processing into commercially viable products. Identifier opportunities range from applications in the field of plant protection (citrus, soybean), animal protection (against cattle tieks) and even for use in human cosmetic industry.

The trials and tests undertaken in their study have been described in the report and the results are available for further analysis and follow-up research.