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Paprika Production and Processing (CFC/FIGTF/21FT)


Project Status: closed


The project "Paprika Production and Processing in Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal" adopted a stepwise approach starting with a consultancy exercise. In this respect a supply chain analysis and a feasibility study for production of paprika in Burkina Faso were conducted. The feasibility study can be accessed through the link at the right. The conclusions of the study were discussed in a workshop (1-2 October 2009) involving private industry representatives interested in paprika production. Based on the final results of this project a larger proposal for CFC financing was made and submitted in October 2013 (Project CFC/2013/02/0074). The Executive Board approved partial financing of the project subject to confirmation of availability of matching co-financing.  Finalization of the formal operational and financial arrangements is currently being pursued by the proponents.