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Modern processing and chain development for Prosopis Charcoal and animal feed (CFC/2014/04/0107FT)


Common Fund loan: USD 100,000


This project intends to produce charcoal of the invasive tree Prosopis Juliflora in Kenya by using an efficient mobile carbonization unit, thus turning a pest into a valuable resource. Local communities will earn a cash income by exclusively harvesting Prosopis wood. Monthly, around 80 tons of Prosopis charcoal will be produced, offering consumers affordably priced charcoal of predictable high quality, packaged in clean and conveniently-sized bags and available from nearby outlets. An annual collection of 100 tons of Prosopis seeds will be processed into animal feed. This seed collection will benefit women and youth especially, providing them with cash income earning opportunities in an area where jobs are scarce.

The activities will be conducted by Tinder EcoFuels, the company created by the social enterprise Start!e for this purpose, in collaboration with the Kenya Forestry Research Institute. The project started in January 2015 and will have a duration of 6 years, during which expansion and replication will take place in other Prosopis invaded areas, thereby increasing the number of mobile carbonizing units.

Contact details: Adriaan Mol, Tinder Limited, adriaan.mol@startle.co