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Low Cost Retting of Jute / Kenaf / Mesta for Quality Up-gradation (CFC/IJSG/24FT)


This project demonstrated at field level four different techniques of jute retting to farmers in Bangladesh and India. Each technique was shown to a number of farmer groups in both countries. In addition, information was provided about different qualities of the fibre resulting from each technique. 

The best results, in term of yield/cost, were obtained from the newly developed "low cost retting technique". In this retting technique, old Hessian/jute cloth is spread covering the green jute plants to keep them submerged in water during the retting period. This reduces evaporation and helps in uniform retting and preventing contamination, resulting in at least one grade higher quality fibre. The technique has been disseminated to around 4,000 farmers in India and 3,650 farmers in Bangladesh. The growers have been encouraged by the results and are slowly adopting this technique. For more details see the Project Completion Report through the above link.