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Industrial Development of Sorghum Malt and its Utilisation in the Food Industries (CFC/FIGG/04)

The central objective of the project is to promote the industrial utilisation of sorghum in African food industries. The project aims at:

a) the evaluation and promotion of new sorghum varieties suitable for industrial use;

b) the development and upgrading of appropriate technologies for the production of sorghum malt for brewing and the establishment of technical and economic viability at industrial level;

c) the development of cottage systems for the production of quality malts for traditional beer and upgrading technological and managerial levels of the traditional beer-producing units; and,

d) the dissemination of project results to other interested African countries.

By promoting the industrial utilisation of sorghum, the project stimulates the expansion of both local agriculture and industry and creates new commercial opportunities through increased added value and diversification which, if replicated, would result in significant gains to the local economies concerned, including savings in foreign exchange by replacing imported barley.