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Increased Production Efficiency in Small-holder Kenaf Production Systems for Specific Industrial Applications (CFC/IJSG/25)


The overall objective of the project is to demonstrate the competitiveness of the kenaf sector and to contribute to increased incomes for kenaf producers. The project is designed to strengthen the capacity of the producers to meet demands set by the fibre users/industry, in terms of quality of the material at competitive cost and with an assured, reliable system of high volume supply. Targets have been set for the agricultural components as well as the fibre extraction/processing components of the project. The factory trials are to provide detailed information on the technical suitability of the material for the identified applications and insight in the perspectives for successful industrial uptake. The project started in 2009.

The overall delay in achievements has led the PEA to request a budget neutral project extension for a revised implementation program. The extension was supported by the IJSG, the project’s Supervisory Body, and subsequently granted by the Fund up to end June 2014. The realistic and jointly accepted 2013 operational plan addressed the required mixture of varietal research, optimization of agronomic practices, fine-tuning of effective fibre extraction techniques and effective start-up of industrial/utilization trials. However, overall progress was less than expected. The PEA has initiated consultations with the project partners to publish the results obtained so far.