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Improving the Productivity of Rubber Smallholdings through Rubber Agroforestry Systems (C 2008)

The overall objective of the project is to increase smallholder income from improved rubber agroforestry, contributing to the overall sustainability of natural rubber production. Objectives of a more specific nature are to improve productivity through integrating high yielding clonal rubber in smallholder agroforestry cropping systems, reduce production costs during the immature growth phase of rubber plants, provide small-scale rubber farmers with more affordable alternatives to monoculture, and maintain biodiversity and environmental sustainability. Project components include the establishment and maintenance of demonstration/training plots on small farms through participatory approaches; the establishment of a budwood garden programme for the production and dissemination of improved rubber planting material; 
agronomic monitoring of competition between species; monitoring of the impact of the project on biodiversity; 
and ongoing evaluations including socio-economic surveys of the rate of, and limitations to, the adoption of innovations by the intended beneficiaries.