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Improving Marketing Efficiency of the Small-Scale Fisheries Sector in Angola and Mozambique (CFC/FSCFT/25)


The project provided technical assistance to the small-scale fishery communities in an effort to address the common problems facing them, particularly heavy post-harvest losses, poor product quality and difficulties in marketing. The overall objectives of the project were to

a) improve the performance of small-scale fisheries in Mozambique and Angola;

b) increase intra-regional trade;

c) facilitate access to global markets.

The objectives of the project are in line with the national development plans of the two countries, with particular emphasis on improving the living standard of the population, promoting fish supply and increasing income for small-scale fishermen.

The project started in September 2007 and was completed in 2011. During the years, project progress made includes:

  • construction and equipping a fish processing unit in Muntanhane, Mozambique;
  • Rehabilitation and equipping a fish processing unit in Buraco in Angola;
  • Training of data collectors in both Mozambique and Angola;
  • Training of trainers course for 22 participants including 5 participants from Angola;
  • Training in market information and basic fund management to 140 fishermen, traders, small scale processors etc;
  • Training in quality assurance including HACCP, basic hygiene and packaging to some 96 fishers, traders, small scale processors etc;
  • Training on the introduction of innovative technologies to 42 stakeholders;
  • Guidelines and posters on eight topics related to quality assurance were produced, printed and distributed in Mozambique and Angola.

The dissemination of the project outputs to the private and public stakeholders in the fisheries sector of both countries impacted heavily on the local fishery industry. Radio broadcasts announce fish prices to the general public once a week in Maputo. During the training activities, fishermen, traders and regulatory agency officials from both countries accumulated considerable hands on experience. One international meeting was organized in Maputo to disseminate the results of the project. Dissemination was also done through various publications in EUROFISH and INFOFISH Magazines.