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Farmer Participatory Evaluation and Dissemination of Improved Musa Germplasm (FIGB/05)


Common Fund Loan: USD 1,750,000

Approved before 2005


The overall objective of the project is to raise the yield of banana farmers by increasing productivity and reducing costs through the introduction of improved banana varieties. It is intended, in particular, to introduce disease-resistant varieties of cultivars with a view to reducing the adverse effects of the most serious constraints to banana production, particularly black Sigatoka leaf spot disease. The project evaluates disease-resistant varieties of cultivars produced by Musa breeding programmes, in particular by the Banana Improvement Project (BIP) previously implemented with financial support from the Common Fund for Commodities, and selects suitable varieties for distribution to farmers. Target countries are the Democratic Republic of Congo, Ecuador, Guinea, Haiti, Honduras, Nicaragua and Uganda, other banana-producing countries can also replicate the experience of these pilot countries.