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Extension of the Ponsomtenga “Delicio Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit” (CFC/FIGTF/20)


The project aimed at increasing the income and alleviating poverty of local fruits processors in Burkina Faso through increasing the quality and efficiency of local fruit processing activities.

The project was designed as a pilot demonstration project to upgrade an existing juice processing plant owned by a women's cooperative in the rural areas outside Ouagadougou. The project aimed at increasing the efficiency of production and sales of fruit juice and fruit-based beverages to respond to the increasing demand.

The upgraded processing plant established by the project served as a model and pilot plant to be replicated in other regions of the country and beyond. The project components related to:

  1. Increase production capacity;
  2. Improve product availability and efficiency of processing; and
  3. Improve distribution and sales have been successfully met.

The infrastructural work is completed, the new equipment installed and functioning. A structured marketing and sales programme has been developed, together with training on hygiene in food processing. The project was completed in 2011 and left a lating impact on the incomes of the fruit producers in the region and the women members of the cooperative.