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Entrepreneurship Development in Diversified Jute Products (IJO/18)


Common Fund Loan: USD 1,105,875


The project pilots the application of new physico-chemical treatments for jute dyeing, bleaching and proofing, and the integrated production of value-added jute blended products through small-scale spinning and weaving employing small-scale hand looms and power looms and the manufacturing of home textiles. It also aims to develop entrepreneurship in small-scale production by providing micro-credits and technical and logistics support through Raw Material Banks (RMBs) and Jute Entrepreneurs Service Centres (JESCs). Model chemical treatment plants in both beneficiary countries are used to demonstrate the treatment of chemical effluent to minimise the polluting effects of dyes and other chemical applications. The project involves poor women and other rural and urban unemployed and underemployed: hence significant alleviation of poverty is expected from the project.