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Coir Market Development (CFC/FIGHF/08)


Project completed in 1998


The objective of the project was to expand production of coir fibre in India and Sri Lanka and to increase the volume share of exports of value-added products. Extensive market research was commissioned in nine consuming countries which identified coir products with high export potential, such as rubberised coir, geotextiles and coir dust. 

In the second phase of the project, an industry assessment of coir samples was established, resulting in a useful exchange of technical assessments and requirements between producers, traders and users. Two concluding workshops were held in 1998. The projects findings are contained in a technical report published as CFC Technical Paper No. 2. The report provides a substantive account about the global opportunities for higher value coir products. Specific attention is being given to issues of client demand/product specification, quality control and reliability of supply of the base material as well as the semi-processed coir products. Recommendations were made on subjects that should be further explored in support of future trade. Issues addressed included increased attention for technical descriptions of the materials/products sold and a sector-wide approach to obtain more insight in product/application-specific regulatory requirements in targeted client countries.