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Cassava Value Chain Development by Supporting Processing and Value Addition by Small and Medium Enterprises in West Africa (CFC/FIGG/37)


Overall goal of this project (completed in 2012), was to develop a sustainable West African cassava sector in order to raise rural incomes, improve food security and permit the transition of subsistent cassava farming system towards a sustainable market-driven system and standardized cassava product supply lines. The project envisaged to contribute to an expansion of the rural cottage industries, with an impact on the development of rural non-farm employment. 

When the project started in 2008, good regional examples of successful cassava processing supply chains that apply efficient technologies and management structures for improved small and medium-scale processing plants were almost non-existent. The project therefore focused on developing prototype of competitive and market-based cassava commodity chains by supporting a number of pilot technologies adopted by local enterprises to address key bottlenecks. This was done through supporting the development of supply lines for high quality cassava flour (HQCF) for bakery and confectionery markets and upgrading traditional processing practices to make basic food products for defined markets. 

Upon completion, the project achieved all goals and objectives in a very satisfactory manner (micro processing centers have been established and are producing and selling various processed cassava products with value added). There were clear indications that the piloted concepts were taken up by private sector investor. The project impacts, achievements, and lessons learned were disseminated in local and international conferences. A presentation of the project at the first African College International Conference at the University of Leeds, UK, received an award. The project model is reportedly being adopted by a number of other development agencies in all three countries. The design was the basis of a large cassava value addition project in West Africa (C:AVA) that is currently being implemented by NRI with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. 

For detailed project results please consult the individual final country report (see above links): CFC Benin Report, CFC Nigeria Report and CFC Sierra Leone Report.