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Building Capacity in Coffee Certification and Verification for Specialty Coffee Farmers in Eastern Africa (CFC/ICO/45)


The rationale of the project is to build certification and verification capacity within the national institutions. Ultimately the project purpose will be to increase the quality and quantity of certified / verified coffee produced and processed within the AFCA region through training of master trainers, trainer of trainers, certifiers / verifiers (auditors) and farmers. The process of building capacity for good agricultural practices and sustainable production will lead to socially acceptable, environmentally friendly and economically successful coffee production among producers.

The project is tailored to enhance coffee productivity and quality in order to have viable access to premium markets upstream. The farmers trained in the project have their coffee certified with respect to the various certification schemes being applied in the project countries. To this end, a multiple certification approach is being employed to provide the beneficiary farmers with access to market options and better terms of trade. Multiple certification capabilities provide farmers with leverage to switch market options for better terms of trade. The concept does not emphasize better prices but market options. In addition existing new and emerging coffee sustainability initiatives will improve market efficiency, raise value addition in production and processing and ensure improved coordination between coffee producers and final coffee market.

The implementation of project activities is reported to be successful. Most countries have completed the Farmer Training phase and are assessing the impact of the training on production of certified coffees. This has resulted in the training of 8,029 farmers; 45 Master Trainers; 111 trainer-of-trainers; and 36 auditors. In addition, 2,500 farmers have been certified/verified 4C. The project is scheduled to end in November 2014 with a stakeholders meeting which will bring together all participating countries in the project. The final project achievements will be documented in a Final Technical Report which will be places on the CFC website after completion. Further information can be obtained from AFCA's website www.eafca.org.