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Technical Paper Series

Commercial Standardization of Instrument Testing of Cotton with particular consideration of Africa

CFC Technical Paper No. 60

Final Report of the Project CFC/ICAC/33



Collaborative and Participatory Approaches to Cocoa Variety Improvement

CFC Technical Paper No. 59

Final Report of the Project CFC/ICCO/26 on "Cocoa Productivity and Quality Improvement: a Participatory Approaches to Cocoa Variety Improvement".



Utilisation of Cotton Plant by-produce for Value Added Products

CFC Technical Paper No. 58

Final Report of the Project CFC/ICAC/20




Conservation, Characterization, Collection and Utilization of the Genetic Resources in Olive

CFC Technical Paper No. 57

Technical Paper of the Project CFC/IOOC/03



Discover Natural Fibres 2009

CFC Technical Paper No. 56

Proceedings of the Symposium on Natural Fibres

Rome, 20 October 2008

Report of the Project CFC/FIGHF/28FT

The Use of Molecular Biology Techniques in search for varieties resistant to Witches Broom Disease of Cocoa

CFC Technical Paper No. 55



Jute Reinforced Polyolefines for Industrial Applications

Phase II: Material Optimization and Process Up-Scaling for Commercialization

CFC Technical paper No. 54

Final Report of the Project CFC/IJSG/19



Genetically modified cotton for risk assessment and opportunities for small-scale cotton growers

Proceedings of the regional consultation

CFC Technical paper No. 53

Report of the Project CFC/ICAC/34FT



Commercialization of hides and skins by improving collection and quality in small holder farming systems in Botswana, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe

CFC Technical Paper No. 52

Report of the Project CFC/FIGHS/06



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