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Meeting Documents

This directory contains the meeting documents related to the Governing Council, the Executive Board, the Consultative Committee, the Transition Committee established to further review amendments to the Agreement Establishing the CFC, the Open-Ended Committee, the International Commodity Bodies and CFC Round Table.

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Governing Council

28th Meeting 

6-7 December 2016

Rules of Procedure of the Governing Council

Governing Council documents (Documents from Governing Council Meetings)

Executive Board

63rd Meeting

4 April 2017

Rules of Procedure of the Executive Board

Executive Board Documents (Documents from Executive Board Meetings)

Consultative Committee

60th Meeting

3 - 6 July 2017

Regulations and Rules for the Consultative Committee
Consultative Committee documents (Documents from Consultative Committee Meetings)

Working Committee

The Executive Board at its 61st Meeting held in April 2016 noted the challenges faced by the CFC in achieving its treasury investment objectives due to globally prevailing investment climate, and asked the Managing Director to “to examine the situation and make arrangements to hold consultations with Member Countries on impact of current policy and possible modifications, if required, to make the investment policy more effective (Decision EB/LXI/9)”; More...

Transition Committee

The Governing Council in its 25th Meeting held in December 2013 decided to establish a Transition Committee (OTC) open for participation by all interested Member Countries, to be chaired by the representative of Kenya, vice-chair the representative of Mexico; More...

Open-ended Committee to review the Agreement Establishing the CFC

The Board in its 54th Meeting recommended continuation of the work of the Open-ended Committee to review and make recommendation on elements of the Agreement to be modified. Ms. Helena Yanez, Chairperson of the Open-ended Committee was requested to take the process forward and provide early drafts by the meeting of the Governing Council in December 2012. More...