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CFC Newsletter

Edition April 2017

Highlights of the April 2017 include:

  • Turning coffee waste into a valuable asset in Colombia;
  • CFC hosts an international meeting at new headquarters;
  • Chicoa Fish Farm brings sustainable aquaculture to Mozambique;
  • Financing sustainable development with development impact bonds;
  • Mechanization and training increase cereal production in Uganda;
  • Agriculture finance company to expand cocoa farming in the Philippines;
  • 59th Meeting of the Consultative Committee.

CFC Newsletter

Edition October 2016

Highlights of the October 2016 Edition include:

  • CFC signs Management Agreement for the Technical Assistance Facility (ATAF) of the Moringa Agroforestry Fund;
  • Malagasy rice growers join the war against malaria;
  • Revival of the Robusta coffee chain in Madagascar;
  • CFC Project Proposals – Vetting, Approval & Clearance;
  • CFC’s Participation in International Meetings;
  • Doubling coffee farmers’ incomes in the DRC;
  • 58th Meeting of the Consultative Committee.

Edition April 2016

Highlights of the April 2016 Edition include:

  • Agrics: Optimizing the maize value chain in Western Kenya;
  • A word from Mr. Parvindar Singh on his new role as Managing Director;
  • Bridging the financing gap for Small and Meidum Enterprises (SMEs);
  • Exploring the benefits of producing organic bananas in China;
  • A new approach to cotton classing in Kenya and Mozambique;
  • Improving livelihoods with smallholder dairy development in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand;
  • Nutmeg: Spicing up the nutmeg value chain in Indonesia;
  • 57th Consultative Committee Meeting.



The CFC Newsletter is published by the Communications Office.

The publication aims to enhance the information dissemination function, which is a key element in the Fund's communications mission.

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