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Seventh Call for Proposals


Please note that the 7th Call for Proposal is now closed.

The CFC (an intergovernmental financial institution) provides financing to organisations and enterprises engaged in commodity value chains. Through financial support, the CFC seeks to support implementation of innovative interventions that target new opportunities in commodity markets leading to commodity based growth, employment generation, increase in household incomes, reduction in poverty, and enhancement of food security. The intervention should be scalable and financially sustainable and have a measurable positive impact on the stakeholders in commodity value chains.

Consultative Committee recommends seven regular projects for approval of the Executive Board. Two Fast Tracks recommended for approval by the Managing Director.

The 6th Call for Proposals (which was opened in early March 2015 and closed on 18 May 2015) has yielded 97 proposals seeking financial support from the CFC. These proposals have been subjected to a pre-selection review, checking whether the proposals were in line with the standard core criteria as established by the Fund’s Executive Board. Following that, thirteen regular projects and 7 Fast Track projects were identified as being suitable for a formal review and assessment by the Fund’s external technical advisory committee, the “Consultative Committee”. The Committee met in its 56th meeting, held from 6 – 9 July 2015 in Amsterdam, at the Fund’s headquarters.

The Committee recommended the following seven projects for further development and submission to the Executive Board for possible approval:

  • Tea Supply Chain, Sri Lanka
  • Artemisinin from outgrower farmers for its use in Malaria medication, Madagascar
  • Expanding sales of lower cost potatoes by installation of dispensers in supermarkets, Russia
  • Leather Value Chain Financing, Zimbabwe
  • Food Processing, Sri Lanka
  • Cashew, Benin
  • Cafetalera Nicafrance, Nicaragua

In addition, the Consultative Committee recommended financial support to the following two Fast Track projects:

  • Ironbark Citrus Microfinance, Laos
  • Sustainable post-disaster reconstruction in Nepal

Total CFC financial support thus recommended for approval amounts to US$ 7.94 mln.

Proponents of the projects reviewed by the Consultative Committee have meanwhile been informed about the outcome of the Committee’s review process.

Proponents of projects submitted under the 6th Call for Proposals who have not been contacted by the Common Fund otherwise, may consider themselves not having been successful in passing through the review stage on this occasion. It is envisaged that the 7th Call for Proposals will be opened in the beginning of August 2015, documentation related to the Call will be placed on the Fund’s website.