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The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)

From the formative stages of the Common Fund for Commodities OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) had demonstrated its support for the mandata and objectives of the CFC.

The Member states of the OPEC Fund had, since 1981, taken collective action to support the CFC with a cumulative grant of USD83.56mln, including:

  • USD37.16 mln to a certain category of Member States of the CFC to enable them to complete their subscriptions of the CFC First Account Capital;
  • USD46.4mln to promote the CFC's Second Account activities.

Over the years, OFID has been a major donor base for resource mobilisation and co-financing for CFC’s regular projects for smallholder farmers in various sectors in LDCs such as Bangladesh, Haiti and sub-Sahara African countries.

The following projects received cofinancing under the CFC-OFID financial support agreement.

S/No.Projects in order of approval
CFC001Promotion of Export of Organic Bananas from Ethiopia and Sudan (CFC/FIGSB/10)
CFC002Diversification and Marketing of Value-Added Fishery Products in Guinea and Mauritania (CFC/FSCFT/22)
CFC003Diversification Programme for Vegetable Export Development in Ethiopia and Sudan
CFC004Medicinal Plants and Herbs (MEDHP) in Eastern Himalayas: Developing Sustainable Supply Chain and Enhancing Rural Livelihood (CFC/FISGTF/16)
CFC005West Africa Sorghum Supply Enhancement Project (CFC/FIGG/34)
CFC006Organic Aquaculture (CFC/FSCFT/24)
CFC007Enhancing Incomes of Smallholder Rubber Farmers in West and Central Africa (CFC/IRSG/17)
CFC008Strengthening the Productivity and Competitiveness of the Smallholder Dairy Sector in Lesotho and Zambia (CFC/FIGMDP/14)
CFC009Improving Marketing Efficiency of the Small-Scale Fisheries Sector in Mozambique and Angola (CFC/FSCFT/25)
CFC010Potato Value Chain Development in West Africa (CFC/FIGG/31)
CFC011Africa Sugar Development (CFC/ISO/29)
CFC012Pilot Project on Increased Farm Income from Banana-Based Beverages in the Lake Victoria Basin (CFC/FIGB/13)
CFC013Developing the Potential of the Gourmet Robusta Market, Gabon and Togo (CFC/ICO/42)
CFC014Development and Piloting of Horticulture Out-Grower Schemes for Export Markets in Eastern and Southern Africa (CFC/FISGTF/19
CFC015Improving the Competitiveness of Rice in Central Africa (CFC/FIGR/14)
CFC016Wealth Creation through Potatoes: Increasing Production and Developing New Market Opportunities for Smallholder Potato Growers in Ethiopia, Uganda and Kenya (CFC/FIGG/39)
CFC017Technical Assistance for the Upgrading of Small-Scale Fisheries and Their Integration in the International Trade (CFC/FSCFT/27)
CFC018Increasing the Resilience of Coffee Production to Leaf Rust and other Diseases in India and Four African Countries (CFC/ICO/40)
CFC019Extension of the Ponsomtinga Delicio Fruit and Vegetable Processing Unit (CFC/FIGTF/20)
CFC020Production of Certified Fruits and Vegetables in the Greater Mekong Sub-Region (CFC/FIGTF/24FA)
CFC021Development and Commodization of the Pre-fabricated Modular Bamboo Housing in Asia and Africa (CFC/INBAR/07)
CFC022Capacity Building and Re-juvenation of Tea Smallholdings by Adopting Eco-Friendly Management Practices and Strengthening Marketing Links for Enhanced Income Generation of Poor Farming Communities in Indonesia and Bangladesh (CFC/FIGT/05)
CFC023Programme for the Development and Dissemination of Sustainable Irrigation Management in Olive Growing (CFC/IOOC/06)
CFC024Improving the Competitiveness of Small Scale Oil Palm Farmers and Production in Latin America and the Caribbean: Bridging the Yield Gap (CFC/FIGOOF/30)
CFC025Increased Production Efficiency in Smallholder Kenaf Production Systems for Specific Industrial Applications (CFC/IJSG/25)
CFC026Development of Export Oriented Sesame Production & Processing in Burkina Faso and Mali (CFC/FIGOOF/27)*
CFC027Small Scale Cassava Processing and Vertical Integration of the Cassava Sub Sector in Eastern and Southern Africa - Phase II (CFC/FIGG/43)
CFC028Jute Geotextiles (CFC/IJSG/21)
CFC029Building Capacity in Coffee Certification and Verification in Eastern Africa (CFC/ICO/45)
CFC030Increased Production of Root and Tuber Crops in the Caribbean through the Introduction of Improved Production and Marketing (CFC/FIGG/44)
CFC031Improving Cotton Production Efficiency in Small-Scale Farming Systems in East Africa through Vertical Integration of the Supply Chain (CFC/ICAC/37)
CFC032Prevention of Seed Cotton Contamination in West Africa (CFC/ICAC/38)
CFC033Sustainable Credit Guarantee Scheme to Promote Scaling up of Enhanced Coffee Processing Practices in Ethiopia and Rwanda (CFC/ICO/48)
CFC034Soybean Development in Southern and Eastern Africa (CFC/FIGOOF/32)
CFC035Improving Productivity and Market Access of Smallholders Cattle Farmers in Mozambique and Zambia (CFC/FIGMDP/18)
CFC036Smallholder Dairy Development in Bangladesh, Myanmar and Thailand (CFC/FIGMDP/19)
CFC037Operational Supportive System for Promoting the Further Processing of Timber in Five Countries of the Congo Basin (CFC/ITTO/81)
CFC038Promotion of Processing and Marketing of Freshwater Fish Products: Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (CFC/FSCFT/29)
CFC039ProCotton: Improving Productivity and Marketing of Cotton through Strengthening Selected Producer Organizations in Eastern Africa (CFC/ICAC/40)
CFC040East African Sorghum Value-Chain Development Projects (CFC/FIGG/46)
CFC041Qualitative and Quantitative Rehabilitation of Coffee with the Aim of Improving Living Conditions of Coffee Farmers Afflicted and Displaced by War in DRC
CFC042Development of National Cotton Classing Systems in Kenya and Mozambique