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In 2004 the CFC joined forces with EU and 4 other international organizations to support the implementation of All-ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme.

The Fund also has in place special financing arrangements with the European Union's All-ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme (AAACP) in ACP member-states.

CFC participates in the Programme by identifying projects in its project portfolio, where co-financing from AAACP strengthens the contribution of the projects to the achievement of the common goals of both CFC and AAACP.

In the context of its participation in the EU-ACP Programme, the CFC concluded Contribution Agreements for three joint Actions as follows:

"Commercial Standardisation of Instrument Testing of Cotton for the Cotton Producing Developing Countries in Africa". The objective of this Action was is to assist cotton producing countries, especially the developing countries and Least Developed Countries (LDCs), to meet the rising quality assessment demands of the global cotton market so as to strengthen or at least maintain their competitive position. The project would allow African cotton exporters to supply their cotton with objective, instrument-based quality information, based on internationally accepted test rules. The project was financed as Quick Start Activity.

"Grain Farmers’ Access to Warehouse Inventory Credit". This action intended to facilitate the development of warehouse receipts systems in Africa to help smallholder grain farmers improve their financing and incomes, with the help of a warehouse inventory credit (WIC) system based on warehouse receipts (WHR). The project was financed as Quick Start Activity.

"Value Chain Development, Diversification and Marketing". This action undertaken by the CFC within the Programme focuses on the development of the global value chains to facilitate the participation of producers from the poorest commodity dependent Developing Countries in the global economy. This action was approved under Tranche II of the programme, and covered 6 activities including 5 projects identified by the CFC and the work of the Focal Point for the Caribbean.

The following modalities have been identified as practical instruments of efficient collaboration between the CFC and the Programme:

  • cofinancing of projects with AAACP to achieve the common goals of the CFC and AAACP;
  • contribute CFC expertise in project identification, appraisal and management and leverage the impact of projects through joint financing;
  • focus the use of Programme funds on project activities. The CFC uses its own resources for participation in non-project activities, and did not employ any additional in-house staff for the implementation of the Programme activities;
  • the CFC records an indirect cost of 7% on all direct project payments made out of the funds provided by EC to cover part of additional costs associated with its participation in the Programme.


The collaborative activities of the CFC in the Programme concentrated in Eastern and Southern Africa, West Africa, and the Caribbean as follows:


Eastern and Southern Africa
CodeTitleLocationEU co-financing (EUR)Total cost (EUR)
0.ESA.F02CFC/FIGG/38FA - Warehouse receipts East AfricaEast Africa, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi764,1793,108,626
2.ESA.F01CFC/ICAC/37 – Improving Cotton Production Efficiency in Small-scale Farming Systems in East Africa (Kenya and Mozambique) through better vertical integration of the supply chainKenya & Mozambique715,0001,810,000
2.ESA.F02CFC/ICO/45- Building Capacity in Coffee Certification and Verification in EAFCA CountriesMulti-country1,072,0003,211,803
West Africa
2.WST.F02CFC/ICAC/38 – Prevention of Seed Cotton Contamination in West Africa

Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire and Mali

2.CAR.F01CFC/FIGG/44 Increased Production of Root and Tuber Crops in the Caribbean through the Introduction of Improved Marketing and Production TechnologiesMulti-country753,3422,423,430
2.CAR.F02CFC/FIGTF/26 Increased Production of Vegetables and Herbs through the use of Protected Agriculture in the CaribbeaJamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Haiti453,4502,010,456
2.CAR.F03Support to the regional Focal Point under AAACP Twinning ArrangementCaribbean region200,000200,000
ACP-wide actions
0.ACP.F01CFC/ICAC/33 - Cotton Instrument Testing    

West Africa, Mali

East Africa, Tanzania




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