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The CFC partner organisations can be bilateral and multi-lateral development institutions, cooperatives, producer organisations, small and medium enterprises and trading companies; and local financial institutions or other intermediaries which on-lend to the commodity sector Institution. The CFC will also actively participate and collaborate with selected investment Funds which target at providing finance for strengthening small-holder based commodity supply chains, agribusinesses, food and beverage production and processing, and supporting infrastructure.

International Commodity Bodies

The Common Fund constitution envisions a close operational partnership with International Commodity Bodies (ICBs) to advance commodity sector development in member countries and policy advocacy in the international fora. ICBs also facilitate identification of common interest in commody sector development among producers and consumers, and provide technical expertise in recommending suitable projects for CFC financing.

ICBs provide essential expertise and data for projet identification and appraisal on the commodities within their mandate. The Common Fund acts proactively in close co-operation with ICBs to encourage them to incorporate value chain approach and poverty reduction in their Commodity Strategies. More...

The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID)

From the formative stages of the Common Fund for Commodities OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) had demonstrated its support for the mandate and objectives of the CFC. Over the years, OFID has been a major donor base for resource mobilisation and co-financing for CFC’s regular projects for smallholder farmers in various sectors in LDCs such as Bangladesh, Haiti and sub-Sahara African countries. More...

EU ALL-ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme

In 2004 the CFC joined forces with EU and 4 other international organizations to support the implementation of All-ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme.

The Fund also has in place special financing arrangements with the European Union's All-ACP Agricultural Commodities Programme (AAACP) in ACP member-states. CFC participates in the Programme by identifying projects in its project portfolio, where co-financing from AAACP strengthens the contribution of the projects to the achievement of the common goals of both CFC and AAACP. More...

Trust Fund with the Government of the Netherlands

In 2003 the Government of the Netherlands and the CFC reached an Agreement to support the Five Year Action Plan of the CFC with cofinancing in the total amount of up to USD 4,700,000.

The projects eligible for cofinancing include those concentrating on low-income and Least Developed Countries (LDCs), contributing to poverty reduction and based on value chain approach. More...

Regional Economic Communities

The Third Five Year Action Plan of the CFC emphasizes the role of Regional Economic Communities in the identification and implementation of the projects financed by the CFC.

More recently, the Fund has been seeking additional avenues of engagement and cooperation with regional economic commissions (RECs) as stipulated in the 3rd five-year Action Plan (2008-12) and with institutional members to extend its commodity advocacy initiatives. More...

Project Executing Agencies and other Implementation Partners

In every project implemented by the CFC, series of agreementis are concluded with local and international implementation partners to ensure maximum stakeholder ownership and participation in the activities supported by the CFC.

The CFC places no general restrictions on the status and organizational form of its project implementation partners. Depending on the needs of practical activities involved, the CFC collaborates with other international agencies, governments, parastatal institutions, national and multinational private sector companies, reseachers, NGOs, cooperatives and any other partners who share the objectives of particular actions supported by the Fund, and who can practically support their implementation. More...