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Orientation Briefing for Executive Directors and Alternate Executive Directors, Observers and Delegates of the Executive Board


As discussed at the Sixtieth Meeting of the Executive Board in October 2015, the Secretariat was requested to organize a one-day meeting to apprise the members of the Board with the guiding principles of the CFC:

“58. The Executive Board agreed to hold the Sixty-First Meeting of the Executive Board on 6 April 2016 and the Sixty-Second Meeting from 18 to 19 October 2016 in Amsterdam (Decision EB/LX/16). The Board requested the Secretariat to organize a one day informative workshop back-to-back with the next Executive Board meeting with the objective to brief new Board members on CFC mandate, procedures, rules and regulations, and relevant commodity matters. The Secretariat suggested that such a meeting may be held on 5 April 2016. The Agenda of the meeting shall be circulated by the Secretariat in due course.”.

The Orientation Briefing was held on Tuesday, 5 April 2016 at the Headquarters of the Common Fund for Commodities in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


List of participantsCFC/PRE-EB/61/INF.1

Presentations made at the Orientation Briefing

No.ItemPresented by Slides
1.Introduction: Basic FactMr. Parvindar Singh, Managing Director


2.Projects implemented by the CFC

Mr. Axel Gruber, Chief Operations Officer

3.Key Functions of the Executive Board
3.1OperationsMr. Andrey Kuleshov, Strategy & Development Advisor39-46
3.2Financial Matters

Administrative Budget; Report on Income and Expenditure; Audited Financial StatementsMs. Michele Schwarz, Head of Accounting and Administration47-50
Report on Investments; Report on Capital Subscriptions, Voluntary Contributions and Encashment of Promissory NotesMr. Andrey Kuleshov, Strategy & Development Advisor51-52
3.3Administrative Matters and Governing BodiesMr. Andrey Kuleshov, Strategy & Development Advisor53-57
4.Rules for the Procedure of the Executive Board58-65
5.Legal Issues in the work of the CFC
5.1Agreement Establishing the Common Fund for CommoditiesMr. Bent Aronsen, Legal Adviser66-73
5.2Road Map of the Regulations and Rules of the CFCMr. Andrey Kuleshov, Strategy & Development Advisor74-79
5.3Rules for the Conduct of the Business of the CFCMr. Axel Gruber, Chief Operations Officer80-91
6.Current substantive issues and CFC communications with the development community

Risk management and portfolio approach to the CFC projects; Impact of CFC projects

Mr. Axel Gruber, Chief Operations Officer92-113

Partner International Organizations, Meeting with UNCTAD, UN General Assembly, FAO;  Publications; Annual Reports, Newsletters, Technical Papers etc. CFC website and where to find information about the CFC

Mr. Andrey Kuleshov, Strategy & Development Advisor114-118