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48th Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 4-8 July 2011


Agenda itemDocument titleDocument number
1Opening of the meeting by the Chairperson and adoption of the AgendaCFC/CC/48/1
2Remarks by the Managing Director
3Briefing by the Chairperson of the Committee on the discussion at the 51st Meeting of the Executive Board on the Report of the 47th Meeting of the Consultative Committee
4Appraisal of project proposals and profiles – First and Second Account:
4.A.Participatory Dissemination and Promotion of Management Technologies for Bactrocera invadens, Ceratitis Fruit Flies and Mango Seed Weevil that Constrain Production and Export of Mango and Avocado in East Africa CFC/FIGTF/32
4.B.Raising Income Security of Smallholder Coffee Growers in East AfricaCFC/ICO/47
4.C.Qualitative and quantitative rehabilitation of coffee with the aim of improving living conditions of coffee farmers afflicted and displaced by war in the Democratic Republic of CongoCFC/ICO/51
4.D.Development of National Cotton Classing Systems in Kenya and MozambiqueCFC/ICAC/44
5Fast Track Projects:
5.A.Producing a Blue Print for a Sustainability Certification Scheme for the Hard Fibres Sector CFC/FIGHF/32FT
5.B.Essential Streams for Sugarcane Diversification CFC/ISO/33/FT
5.C.Study of the sustainability of the coffee supply chain versus climate change adaptation and mitigation using the life-cycle assessment (LCA) CFC/ICO/50/FT/FA
6Ongoing operations of the Fund:
6.A.Review of Projects in the Pipeline and on File CFC/CC/48/3
6.B.Review of Projects which have not yet started after 3 years of approvalCFC/CC/48/4
7Participation of CC Members in Project Evaluation MeetingsCFC/CC/48/5
8Any other business