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8th Open Call for Proposals

The CFC (an intergovernmental financial institution) provides financing to organisations and enterprises engaged in commodity value chains in its member countries. Through a range of financial instruments, the CFC seeks to support business activities in the field of commodity development, including agriculture, minerals and metals in Developing Countries. The intervention should, besides giving a sound financial return, also provide for a measurable social and environmental return.

This is the eighth call for interested parties to submit proposals which will close on 30 April 2016. More...

57th Meeting of the Consultative Committee

Amsterdam, 25-28 January 2016

Orientation Briefing for the Members of the Executive Board

Amsterdam, 5 April 2016

61st Meeting of the Executive Board

Amsterdam, 6 April 2016

23rd International Commodity Bodies Meeting

Geneva, 20 April 2016

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The OPEC Fund for International Development (OFID) has invited the CFC to participate in the High-Level OFID Seminar on “Long-term Challenges of Food...

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The main purpose of the Mid-Term Review (MTR) meeting was to conduct an overall assessment of the implementation of activities in the first two years...

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Consultative Committee recommends 7 Regular Projects for approval of the Executive Board. 4 Fast Track Projects recommended for approval by the...

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The Member Countries of the CFC held the 27th meeting of the Governing Council in The Hague on 8-9 December 2015. This is the annual meeting of the...

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Total number of funded projects: 253.


Newsletter - April 2016

Highlights of the April Edition include:

-Agrics: Optimizing the maize value chain in Western Kenya;
-Bridging the financing gap for SMEs;
-Exploring the benefits of producing organic bananas in China;
-A new approach to cotton classing in Kenya and Mozambique;
-57th Consultative Committee Meeting.

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